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Folder Crypto Password 3.5

With Folder Crypto Password you can create your own secure folder
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Everstrike Software

Folder Crypto Password protects and encrypts folders or entire removable drives on the fly with no extra software required to access or modify protected data. Whenever you need to move your sensitive data, whether by placing it on a CD, flash drives, or other types of removable storage media, or if you need to email it, all you have to do is to use this option.

Main Features:

- Password protect folders, files and entire removable drives.
- File and folder on-the-fly encryption.
- Transparent operation: files and folders are encrypted on-the-fly when sent into a protected folder.
- Access individual files or entire folder with a single password.
- Taking out a protected removable drive automatically locks its content.
- Ban folder deletion/renaming.
- Automatic encryption of protected folders and files.
- Folder protection for external, USB and removable storage media.
- Effectively protect data when transferring it from one PC to another.
- Password protect Folder Crypto Password for yet another layer of security.
- FAT, FAT32 and NTFS support.

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